Three Zodiac Signs Doomed To Die Alone“

Thou know'st 'tis common; all that lives must die, Passing through nature to eternity,” Shakespeare wrote in “Hamlet.” 

Bill said it there.As the bard comments, the trip from nature to eternity is a single act, unless you strike blood gold & become a vampire #goals. 

We all die alone, save for that fanged exception. Three zodiac signs prefer to live alone & die alone. Read on to discover the indicators of a lonely death. 

The Hermit tarot card, representing Virgo, symbolises healing & understanding obtained through solitude & submission. 

Due to their strange diets, sauna sessions, exercises, & black market supplements, Virgos outlive their loved ones. 

As any two-bit healer will tell you, what we believe is what we become, & Virgo's low cholesterol heart beats with self-defeat, believing they will always be alone and misunderstood. 

Virgos, represented by the Hermit card in the major arcana, need isolation & time outside to improve their skills, extend their brains, seek for & ferment unpalatable foods. 

Strange, smells like Walden Pond, & keeps them alive long enough to die alone. Virgos thrive on last man remaining. Archers view death as a soul-searching journey. 

A wolf howling, a boy band breaking up, Taylor Swift shading her ex, or a Sagittarius in a long-term relationship cannot be stopped. 

Archers are wanderers, seekers, gamblers, rock n rollers, & grass is always greener sorts who prefer to travel alone. They're happy to go to bed alone. Their lifelong optimism extends to death. 

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