Your State's Most Flavorful Burrito

You haven't tried America's best burrito if you believe it's just beans, salsa, & cheese in a flour tortilla. 

We provide fried avocado, grilled steak, & tater tots. Some are coated in sauce, while others are wrapped. 

Read on for the greatest in every state, classic or twisted. This informal Homewood Tex-Mex eatery sells the el jaguar burrito like hot tamales. 

It has grilled beef or chicken, mushrooms, queso, cilantro, & chorizo, rice, & beans. It's great, the steak's cooked well, the chorizo's good, & it's big. 

Serrano's is Anchorage's go-to Mexican restaurant. The restaurant serves some of the best Mexican food in the state, including burritos. 

Its fajita burrito, with sautéed peppers & onions & your choice of meat, is popular. Guacamole covers it in a wheat tortilla. This Mexican street food restaurant with two Tucson locations & one in Oro Valley is known for its breakfast el padre burrito. 

Grilled steak, eggs, crispy potatoes, cheese, pico de gallo, & green chiles fill the flour tortilla. Customers like the tender steak & flavorful green chiles. There are more choices. Morning burrito craving?

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