Your Dog's Sleep Positions meaning?

Have you noticed that your dog looks cuter when he's sleeping, whether he's curled up or splayed out?

According to Kaitlyn Tullio, a DodoVet trained veterinary nurse, your dog's resting position can indicate how he's feeling & if he's asleep.

For you. You can tell how comfortable your dog is resting by his sleeping position. These are common ones.

Dogs in the lion position lie on their bellies with their heads on their paws. Your dog is probably awake in this position. Tullio told The Dodo that dogs lying with their heads on their front paws are likely relaxing.

Lion posture

Your dog sleeps on his side with his legs splayed out in the side sleeper position. Tullio says this is the most typical dog sleeping position, so your best friend is comfy. Tullio said they are comfortable & safe.


When you see your dog lying on his belly with his back legs kicked out behind him & his front legs extended past his head, he's sleeping like Superman.


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