You will be surprised to know dog fun facts 

Dogs are having many qualities that can amaze all of us. These are also known for the best friend of Man. 

Here you will be getting knowledge about fun facts of dogs. Amazingly, dogs can see all the colors even though their eyesight is weak as compare to the humans. 

This means they can prefer & preceive color when choosing their favorite treat or toy. Few of us are familier with the fact that dogs are having a very good memory. 

They can also understand up to more than 250 words. Most of the dog breads can also remember events that happened up to five years ago. 

Dogs are capable enough for recognizing the faces & tell people apart in groups of people. You tend to recognize familiar people with immediate effect, especially family members & friends. 

Dogs have a very profound sense of smell – their nostrils are 50 times larger as if we compare that with the humans. They can smell scents incredibly far, & even often use their talent to explore unfamiliar situations anywhere. 

Their superior squirrels also help them track down wildlife in the forest & find the hidden food items very easily. Although dogs spend most of the time by sleeping, they are really able to go twice as long without sleep as compared by the humans. 

For staying healthy & fit, dogs need sufficient & a regular sleep. There are some of the dogs that can run up to more than 200 steps per second! 

This is even more faster than a human being. Dogs can bark very much loudly up to 120 decibels or even sometimes more than that! 

That’s as loud as a Ferrari stepping onto the starting block! After knowing which of the fun fact about dogs you got shocked. 

We are loving our furry friends not only for their care & loyalty, but also for all the fun moments they give us day by day.

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