World's Most Disobedient Dogs

All dogs, especially young ones, need lots of love & instruction. Some breeds resist obedience more than others. 

Their intelligence, independence, & mischief may make them resistant to training. 

Kindness & patience are essential when teaching dogs obedience, problem-solving, & socialisation.

These dogs are the most disobedient. They're still sweet pets.

Border collies

 It's justified. Border collies were never meant to be house dogs due to their endless activity. After falling in love with a collie's rich fur & lively demeanour, impulse buyers soon learn they're in over their heads.

Despite their shaggy appearance, Spanish water dogs are friendly family dogs. As herders & hunters, this breed is fiercely protective.Spanish water dogs are agile for their size & can be taught tricks.


The Irish wolfhound originally pulled warriors from horses during battle. They hunted enormous, hazardous game. Irish wolfhounds are now considered patient family pets. Irish wolfhounds, the tallest dog breed, are gentle giants.


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