Winter-Adapted Dog Breeds

It's cold! The Old Farmer's Almanac predicts cooler weather.

The Almanac Predicts Below-Normal Winter Temperatures For 2019–2020.

These Wintry Conditions Are Expected To Last Through Valentine's Day And Into Spring In Several U.S. Regions. 

Finnish Lapphunds are gentle but wary of strangers. Hiding from disgruntled reindeer antlers may cause their startle reflex.


The double-coated giant, from the Himalayas, makes a great guard dog. On a cold night, the Tibetan mastiff, weighing over 100 pounds, would be a cosy companion.

Tibetan mastiff

The ancient Scandinavian Norwegian elkhound is used to hunting in the cold. Its Nordic heritage makes it a great cold-weather companion. It's the northern European dog.


The Keeshond's arctic origin makes it a good cold-weather companion. Holland's 17th & 18th century canals kept it warm with its thick coat. Holland & the world love the people-loving breed.


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