Why Wendy's Patties Are Square

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Sandwich. It's juicy & iconic. It's a classic American staple. 

Everyone Knows What A Hamburger Is, But Nobody Knows Where It Came From. One Individual Tried To Improve It. 

Dave Thomas Created Wendy's In 1969 In Columbus, Ohio (Wendy's Website). 

Dave, A Hamburger-Loving Boy, Wanted To Create A Restaurant Where People Could Share A Healthy Meal. 

Wendy's Is Famous For Its Red-Headed Logo, Frosties, And Hamburger Patties. Burger Wasn't Invented By Dave Thomas. 

But He Made Wendy's Patties Square, Against All Conventional Wisdom. Pourquoi? Fresh Invention & An Inspiring Granny Are The Reasons. Being Square Can Be Advantageous. 

According To CNN Business, When Dave Founded Wendy's He Wanted To Separate It From Its Competition By Ditching The Usual Frozen, Circular, Run-Of-The-Mill Burger & Making Square Patties With Beef. 

Frank Vamos, Director Of Brand Communications For Wendy's, Told Thrillist: "Dave Was Always Very Confident In The Quality Of Our Meat. 

He Wanted To Make Sure The Patty Stuck Out Of The Bun So Everyone Could See The Juiciness." 

Anyone Who's Eaten A Wendy's Burger Can Attest To That, & Knowing There's So Much Intention Behind That Iconic Construction Makes It That Much Juicer. 

Wendy's Vice President Of Culinary Innovation John Li Claims The Grill Can Handle More Square Patties Than Circular Ones, Setting Them Apart From The Competition & Showcasing Their Fresh Beef. 

So Smart! The Square Shape Was Inspired By One Important Person. In "Dave's Way," Dave Thomas Describes How Much His Adoptive Grandma, Minnie, Influenced Him. 

She Often Told Him To Avoid Shortcuts. Dave's Grandmother Told Him, "Quality Is Everything, David. Remember That. If People Keep Cutting Corners, This Country Will Be In Great Danger." 

Dave Remembered, Which Is Why Wendy's Was Based On A Strong Sense Of Quality. 

Dave Wanted Wendys To Be "A Place That Didn't Cut Corners On Quality," Which Is Still Their Motto. Dave Didn't Think Corner-Cutting Meant Square Patties. 

Always Fresh, Even Now. Wendy's Hamburgers Are "Fresh, Never Frozen," & Dave Thomas & His Grandmother Are To Blame For That.

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