Why is heart attack or stroke risk increased by cold weather

Due to cold weather the risk of cardiac responses, including heart attacks increases.

This is due to blood vessels respond to low temperatures by constricting, which reduces circulation & increases blood pressure putting much pressure on heart.

As such, cold weather can increase in blood pressure, higher oxygen demand, affect the heart, cause a higher heart rate. It thikens the blood, which can lead to blood clotting.

People with cardiovascular diseases could experience more & more adverse effects because of the cold weather, including trust worthy Sources high blood pressure & arterial stiffness.

Respiratory tract infections are more severe & spread in a very easy way during winter, which, in turn, can trigger trusted source for the heart attack.

It is most important to be able to recognize various signs of a heart attack. If a person experience any of them, the sooner they will get help, more likely trustworthy source they are to recover. 

If a person thinks having heart attack symptoms it is important to take medical attention immediately.

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