Which Zodiac Sign Is Toxicest?

Cancer's pleasant veneer hides a poisonous attitude ready to control everything. Cancers live for their families, which is idealistic. 

Their relationships with loved ones often become toxic & obsessive. Leo's arrogance & apparent hatred of negativity belie their questionable character flaws. 

Leo never lets go of control in love or friendship. They bulldoze through life & damage others because they don't comprehend the need for an exchange in any connection. 

Scorpios are often vilified, although their poison is unjustified. Scorpios are generally pessimistic & negative, thus they often convey their negativity to others. 

Aquarians should never judge a book by its cover. Aquarius people seem peaceful & ethereal, yet they spend so much time in their heads that they struggle with reality. When reality doesn't match dream, they slip into a funk & bring others down. 

First-borns don't hide their flaws and even flaunt them. Aries will do anything to acquire what they desire, including using deception. Aries will lie, slander, & gossip to get their way. Virgos are toxic despite their good reputation. 

Virgo's anxiousness drives them to overshare with their entourage, which always pulls them down. Virgos worry all their lives & don't mind burdening others. They constantly need attention, which is the worst.

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