Which dog breed lives longest?

Researching which dog breeds live the longest might help you choose a dog that will be part of your family for years. 

Saying goodbye to our beloved pets is one of the saddest parts of being a pet parent. 

According to research on how to convert dog years to human years, the tiniest canines live almost twice as long as the largest. 

Giant breeds like the Great Dane mature quickly & rarely live past eight years, while terriers can live up to 20 years with proper care. Beagles are smart, curious, & affectionate with lots of energy. 

The sweet-natured medium-sized Beagle lives 10-15 years & barks & howls frequently. The oldest known Beagle lived 27 years! The energetic Australian Shepherd Dog loves being active outdoors & is smart & work-oriented. 

Running around keeps Aussies healthy, with most living 12–15 years. Despite their long, low build, Dachshunds are bold, friendly, & curious. This sausage dog is smart & stubborn, which may explain why they stay with their owners for 16 years. 

The Pomeranian is little but feisty, especially when outweighed. The intelligent Pomeranian's 12-16-year lifespan & cheerful, foxy face make them the perfect companion. 

The Yorkshire Terrier, also known as Yorkies, is energetic, tenacious, & brave with a lively & friendly personality that loves attention. The Yorkie's personality & 15-year lifetime will provide their owner years of love, humour, & a deep friendship that is hard to replace. 

Shih Tzus are friendly, gregarious, and playful, making them excellent for homes with children. The Shih Tzu, a Tibetan lapdog, is one of the greatest dogs for remote workers since it is human-oriented and peaceful. 

This little darling will keep you entertained for 18 years. Toy Poodles are smart and self-confident, living 10-18 years. This breed wants to be treated like a human, even though they look like pretty faces. 

The feisty Jack Russell Terrier is always eager to work. This breed is lively, playful, & affectionate & can live to 20 years. The feisty Chihuahua knows wonderful things come in tiny packages. This spirited breed is Mexico's national symbol & a big-dog. 

The Chihuahua, like the Chorkie, is a little, confident dog that lives 14–16 years. Maltese are graceful & playful. Maltese are agile, healthy, & love to share. This tiny charmer is very attached to their owners & can develop separation anxiety if left alone.

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