What's the longest-living dog breed?

Researching which dog breed lives the longest can help you choose a canine partner for years to come. 

The smallest canines have almost double the predicted lifespan of their largest contemporaries, according to research on converting dog years to human years. 

Here are the 10 longest-living dog breeds you will really shock to know about. 


Beagles are friendly, curious, & cheerful with plenty of energy. This vocal medium-sized dog lives 10-15 years, with the oldest known Beagle surviving 27.

Australian Shepherd Dog

The enthusiastic, smart Australian Shepherd Dog likes being active outdoors. Most Aussies live 12-15 years due to all their roaming about.


Long and low, but the Dachshund is courageous, friendly, & curious. They won't win any honours for long-distance sprinting or jumping, 


The Pomeranian is little yet has a larger-than-life plucky nature. Even when outweighed, they won't back down from a battle. The intelligent Pomeranian's 12- to 16-year life.

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