What are the finest family dog breeds?

Bringing a new dog into a home with small children requires some consideration. First, teach your kids how to treat dogs. 

It's the best approach to protect your kids & new dog.Second, research dog breeds to see which are best with kids. 

You need a dog that can manage active youngsters. If you have calm kids, don't add a hyper dog. 

15 of the best dog breeds for families with young children are listed below, along with some additional considerations. 

If you have other pets, beagles are lovely with kids but not tiny animals. 

They don't leave hair or messes, making them house-friendly. Your dog needs a regimen & good training to thrive.

These dogs are enormous. They're great additions to any family if you have room. They're huge teddy bears that need to run & play. 

They are docile & groomable.These guys top the best family dog lists because they're amazing. Labs are energetic & thrive in active families. 

Since youngsters can't be contained, the Labrador retriever is ideal.OMG. Since Shadow is the best family dog in Homeward Bound, golden retrievers are the best family dogs. 

I advise it.These canines enjoy people of all sizes, especially children. Your child and golden retriever will enjoy one other for years. Smart, they're easy to train.

Bulldogs are big softies who just want to sit in a lap & be loved. Your kids will have an energetic playmate with the puppies. 

They're fantastic guard dogs & bond with their owners.

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