What Are Some of the Best Sauces Around the World, & Can You Make Them?

Peanut sauce, also known as satay sauce, is an Indonesian condiment that is produced from ground peanuts that have been roasted or fried, then a variety of seasonings are added to the mixture. 

This condiment is very popular all over the world. In order to make mouthwatering Asian foods, such as satay (skewers), noodle stir-fries, grilled meat or vegetables, & so on, a person needs always have a decent, authentic recipe for peanut sauce on file. 

You can also use it as a dipping sauce for fresh spring rolls or include it into savoury salad dressings. 

Another option is to use it as a marinade for meat. In a frying pan, bring the vegetable oil to a temperature of medium-high heat. Fry the garlic & bird's eye chile for around two to three minutes after adding them to the pan. 

After a short while, the garlic & the chile should be allowed to cool before being roughly chopped. You can make peanut butter out of unsalted roasted peanuts by pulsing them in a food processor until they reach the consistency of peanut butter, or you can use peanut butter that you bought from the supermarket. 

Put the fried garlic and chilli in a blender along with some sweet soy sauce, lime juice & zest, coconut sugar, & a dash of salt. Blend until smooth. Mix together until it is silky smooth & well incorporated. 

Place the peanut sauce in a pot & bring the temperature up to medium-high. Add the boiling water bit by bit while continuously stirring the mixture until it achieves the appropriate consistency. Prepare & serve either hot or at room temperature.

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