Wendy's Italian Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich Satisfied

No bad pizza. Pizza—artisanal, frozen, fast-food, or cafeteria—is excellent. Pizza may influence so many cuisines. 

A pizza-inspired new menu dish with warm cheesiness is great. Food fad? Wendy's new Italian Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich before Thanksgiving. 

Italy's drive-thru ticket includes Garlic Fries. Good? find. Analyze before tasting. The chain's Italian Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich contains breaded crispy chicken breast (spicy or plain) with aged Asiago cheese. 

Odder. Fried mozzarella & marinara. Onion-toasted garlic knot bread contains everything. Wendy's garlicked. I opened my takeout bag to a Garlic Fries & sandwich steam face. 

Recovering, I examined it. Good sandwich. Firm buns don't soak marinara sauce. This is pale beige without the sauce. Non-grid sandwich. Taste? 

Fried mozzarella dominated the sandwich's first bite. Fried chicken & cheese. Marinara sauce complemented the second & third flavours. Wendy's doesn't innovate. 

Café chicken parmesan. SpaghettiOs-like marinara sauce sweetens & acidifies the very cheesy dish. Sandwiches damaged my looks. Chicken sandwiches & parmesan used less oil than thicker fried mozzarella patties. Heavy. Curdles. 

Sandwiched mozzarella. After finishing the sandwich, I wished I had taken a Lactaid pill or removed the mozzarella from the bun. Bad chicken sandwich. Wendy's usual menu was fresher. 

Cafeteria & chicken parm completists will enjoy the sandwich's crunchiness despite the fat. Share or starve. I tried Wendy's Garlic Fries and new chicken sandwich. Potatoes. 

The five-minute drive home reduced the fries' garlic herb sauce. Chicken sandwiches have 1–3 spicy or original patties.

Italian Mozzarella Burger defeated chicken sandwich scientifically. Italian burgers are non-fried meatball subs.

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