Unknown Dog Breeds Before

The American Kennel Club, a purebred dog registry, adds one or more "new" breeds  to its list almost every year. 

Vetting is rigorous. The AKC recognised 200 dog breeds in 2022, out of roughly 340 worldwide. 

These are America's most popular dogs. 24/7 Tempo researched the AKC website's registration of all new dog breeds since 2000 to create a list. 

AKC data includes breed group, temperament, & lifespan. Recognizing a breed is complicated. A breed must have a 100-member national club in the U.S. 

The country must also have at least 300 to 400 canines of the same breed with a three-generation pedigree. 20 states must also have the breed. 

AKC field staff, contests, and specialty shows are all considered. It takes years. The spinone italiano, a 200-year-old hunting dog, was mostly famous in Italy. 

Breeders, dogs, & breed records were separated during World War II, nearly extinguishing the breed. The Polish lowland sheepdog, known as the Polski owczarek nizinny, was recognised in the U.S. in 2001 but dates back centuries. 

Central Asian PONs became Polish herders. Toy fox terriers are smart, active, & lively. Last century, it was bred for size and hunting. Farmers crossed fox terriers with toy dogs to get a little rodent-catching dog. 

The AKC registered the toy fox terrier in 2003. German pinschers are medium-sized dogs & the oldest dog breed in Germany. Despite eye & blood issues, German pinschers are generally healthy. The smallest AKC-recognized retriever is the toller. 

This 20-inch dog weights 35–50 pounds. They need dynamic people to keep them busy. Neo, or Mastino, the Neapolitan mastiff weights 150 pounds. These dogs originated in 3000 B.C. Neapolitan mastiffs are gentle despite their intimidating appearance. 

The Cold War-era black Russian terrier is relatively new. The Russian government wanted a military dog like the German shepherd, which was used in both world wars. 

The black Russian terrier (technically not a terrier) was created by the Soviet military to be cold-resistant & Russian. 

Glen of Imaal terriers were originally developed to kill vermin, hunt foxes, badgers, & other animals, and work on farms. Tibetan Buddhists & Himalayan sheepdogs. 

Employed this huge, sturdy breed to guard animals from wolves & bears. They are related to rottweilers, Saint Bernards, and Bernese mountain dogs.

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