Unique Animals to See Before You Die

Scientists have calculated that there are 8.7 million animal species on Earth. Some are fierce (lions, sharks, tigers). 

Some cute (rabbits, deer, otters). Others are bizarre. Across the globe, you'll find rare animals that exhibit genuinely remarkable & strange traits & habits. 

From a frog that reveals off its organs to a goat that faints when terrified, here are 50 unique creatures to add to your vacation bucket list now. No surprises here: The shoebill stork has, well ... a bill fashioned like a shoe. 

Noteworthy about this beautiful animal? Shoebills are exceptionally tall, with some individuals reaching heights of over 4 feet. Shoebills are effective predators, unlike many marsh birds. 

Their lengthy legs are great for crossing shallow waters, where they hunt on reptiles, rodents and fish. They are even known to strike against baby crocodiles! 

Shoebills use their formidable beaks to capture & strangle just about anything they encounter, but don’t worry - they don’t prey on humans. Find one in East Africa, where their habitat is concentrated. 

Finding a stick insect requires close study; as the name makes quite obvious, it resembles a stick. According to "National Geographic," the stick insect has "one of the most efficient natural camouflages on Earth" due to its ability to stay stationary for lengthy periods. 

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