Unexpected ingredient boosts chicken soup

Winter brings crackling fireplaces, thick coats, & wondering when to turn on the heat. 

Winter's food is one of the nicest parts. It's time for hot cocoa, focaccia, & soup. Despite the cold & the ice on our windshields in the morning, we're pleased to have soup. 

Chicken noodle soup is an iconic stew or soup. In honour of the season, Daily Lunch recipe developer Stephanie Rapone & staff created a simple, warm meal. 

The flavorful chicken broth & delicate spiral noodles remain, but we added one item that changes everything. 

Timeless chicken noodle soup recipe. But there are still some novel approaches. Stephanie Rapone, a Daily Meal recipe creator, explained what makes their chicken noodle soup unique. 

Rapone claims this version is superior than store-bought with thyme, garlic, & black pepper. Overall, it's healthier & tastier. Celery, carrots, & onions are immune-boosting additives. 

Rapone says the recipe's simplicity is its strength. "This chicken noodle soup comes together quickly but tastes slow-cooked," she commented. This chicken noodle soup keeps in the fridge for five days, so you can meal prep with it.

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