Turkey Noodle Soup Recipe

Homemade Turkey Noodle soup uses leftover turkey. Turkey, carrots, celery, onion, & egg noodles cooked in homemade turkey stock. 

This soup uses leftover turkey. My dad was the cook in our family, but my mom could prepare excellent Turkey Soup. 

It sounds hard, but it's easy. Waiting for broth is hard. This recipe uses leftover Thanksgiving turkey. 

Cooking a turkey is a cheap way to have many dinners. I often prepare a turkey for one meal & then use the leftovers all week. 

Dry salt brining a turkey is my preferred method. Turkey noodle soup is a complete supper. Loaded with chicken & veggies, it's almost a complete dinner. 

When I cook chicken noodle soup for dinner, I serve it with a salad, fresh bread, cheddar biscuits, or crackers. Honey poppyseed & garlic lime vinaigrette are great salad dressings. 

Use leftover bread from a Christmas turkey as a side dish. This turkey soup recipe requires 8 cups of turkey broth, either the homemade turkey broth contained in the recipe, straight handmade turkey stock, or shop bought turkey stock. 

When cooking the turkey carcass, I add turkey or chicken stock to the water. If you don't want to use stock, boil the turkey carcass in 12 cups of water for 2 hours, until the broth is reduced by 1/3. 

Strain the soup through cheesecloth to remove the bones & fat. Start with more water and boil it down to get more turkey broth. 

When simmering the carcass, add celery, carrots, onions, mushrooms, parsnips, & leeks for a more flavorful broth. 

Toss them in the water with the carcass & discard them after preparing the soup. Extra broth can be frozen and used in other recipes.

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