Top Smartest Dog Breeds 

Gordon Setters—from Scotland & England & named for a Duke—are royal dogs. 

Setters, initially bred to hunt, are noted for their intelligence, stamina, memory, & reliability, according to the American Kennel Club. 

Welsh Terriers excel at hunting & decision-making. According to PetPonder, these terriers are rowdy at first but loyal & protective after training. 

Your Purebred Puppy says Old English Sheepdogs are kind, affectionate, & needy. They excel at guarding others. However, without company, they can turn destructive. 

English Springer Spaniels, bred as "gun dogs" for field game shooting, are diligent hunters & companions. Dog Time recommends these active breeds for hiking & camping. 

Australian Cattle Dogs are alert & curious Herding Group dogs with a "instinctual capacity" to regulate other animals, according to the American Kennel Club. Farm dogs are smart at hearing & defending cattle. 

Belgian Tervurens, or Tervs, are smart & independent. If untrained, the American Kennel Club says their smart self-sufficiency can get them into danger. Turning chores & tasks into games helps these pups finish & enjoy their new work. 

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