Top Smartest Dog Breeds

Gordon Setter

Hailing from England & Scotland named after a Duke, Gordon Setters are most quite & the most royal breed. American Kennel Club, they says that although they were originally bred to hunt.

Welsh Terriers are known for their decision-making abilities & hunting tactics when put to the challenge. According to PetPonder, these terriers are rambunctious at first for new owners, but with good training, these dogs become fiercely loyal & protective. 

Welsh Terrier

According to Your Purebred Puppy, Old English Sheepdogs are sociable, good-natured pets that thrive around people & are demanding of attention. They are impeccable watchdogs, & thrive in various situations. 

Old English Sheepdog

Originally developed as a "gun dog" for game shooting in fields, English Springer Spaniels are extremely obedient in tracking & hunting, while also being a pleasant companion. These athletic breeds are the ideal furry friend to have. 

English Springer Spaniel

According to the American Kennel Club, Australian Cattle Dogs are an alert & curious breed belonging to the Herding Group, & group of breeds that share an "instinctual ability" to control the movements of other animals. 

Australian Cattle

They are especially intelligent at hearing and protecting livestock, so they are superb dogs for those who live on farms.

Australian Cattle

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