Top house-friendly dog breeds

Many factors—including living quarters, money, & family size—determine whether to get a dog & which breed to get. 

House-friendly dogs have what? Focus on two factors. Stacker examined 195 American Kennel Club (AKC) breeds based on these canine requirements. 

We eliminated "extremely active" & "regular shedding" breeds to get to 44. We included occasional-grooming breeds. 

We chose "silent" or "barks when necessary" dog breeds that grow to 25 inches or less. 

While many large- & giant-breed dogs can be comfortable in small houses, we left these gentle giants off the list due to their manageability for walks & training. 

AKC's 2020 popularity rankings order breeds. This list includes lovable pets with a nose for inquiry, a temperament suitable for a tiny home, & good physical traits for allergies & minimal supervision. 

From Nordic canines who won't bark at strangers to a little breed that is one of the oldest to the ever-popular pugs, Chihuahuas, & Pomeranians, someone is sure to grab your heart & needs. 

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