The dog is a wolf-like Canis carnivore. Dogs are'man's best friend' Dogs love people most. They comprehend our feelings, protect us, and help us. Dogs are healthy and smart. Sometimes they give emotional assistance. The dog is popular.


Cat lovers say cats have similar qualities but unique personalities. Early experiences or lack thereof shape much of its behaviour. Cats are reclusive yet enjoy human company. An outdoor cat is possible. Famous wanderers.Low-maintenance pets are popular. They don't need exercise, training, etc. 


Several billion chickens live worldwide. They're the most populous species, far ahead of humans Initially, chickens were bred for cockfighting. This makes male chickens furious. The hen represents fertility and nurturing. Roosters symbolise virility.


Black Beauty makes it hard to hate horses. Horses have been loyal companions throughout history. Horses took us into war before cars and comforted and supported people. The horse is a subspecies of Equus ferus. They're sensitive to your moods. They love until the end, thus people love them.


Fish impact world economics and culture. They're legendary.We dread and love fish. We can't stop watching. We're there, seahorse, goldfish, or tuna. All fish have two traits. They're aquatic. Vertebrates. After that, things change drastically.


Bears are loners. Courting or young, they socialise. Eight bear species are omnivores. Panda bears eat bamboo, while polar bears consume meat. Bears are swift despite looking awkward. They could outrun a horse, let alone a person.Poor vision and hearing limit the bear's senses to smell. Bears swim well but can't climb.


Birds are vertebrates that evolved to fly. Penguins and ostriches, the world's largest bird, can't fly. The bee hummingbird is two inches. Birds are built to fly. Wings provide lift. Balanced wings have thin feathers. Plane wings are based on bird wings.Birds are a popular species. Bird sanctuaries are the best place to see them.


Once a year, audiences love shark programmes.Misunderstood as terrifying, these creatures cause few human deaths. Horses and cows kill more people annually. Over 500 shark species exist, and 140 are endangered. The shark helps aquatic ecosystems. They devour food-chain-balancing aquatic life.


The lion was the most popular animal for millennia. They were royal adornment for emperors and tyrants. Lions are the second-largest cat after tigers.  Lions aren't hostile and violent, despite popular belief. Lions live in 30-member communities. Males guard territory and cubs.


Human and monkey look alike. Our DNA is 95% same. They nod. Monkeys perceive their mirror reflections. They chuckle and utilise hand motions. Stressed monkeys smoked, drank, and ate.Their demeanour and intelligence are humanlike. Human behaviour is studied using monkeys. They're trained as service animals and have been to space.


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