Tibetan Mastiff's peculiarities

Tibetan Mastiffs live on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. Tibetan Mastiff tales, kinds, & uses in different periods of Tibet are listed below. 

You'll see & photograph Tibetan mastiffs on your trip to Tibet. When Tibet was blanketed in ice & snow many years ago, the plague caused suffering. 

God saved the people on a Tibetan Mastiff. Ice & snow evaporated, & the ground recovered. Famous Tibetan Mastiff folklore. For Tibetans, the mastiff is revered & lovely. Tiger & Lion Tibetan Mastiffs exist. 

Lion Mastiff ears, neck, & head hair are over 5 cm long. The Tiger Mastiff, on the other hand, has medium or short head hair but no mane. 

The Tiger Mastiff's head is larger than the Lion mastiff's, with a bigger mouth & shorter nose. Domesticating Mastiffs protected early nomads. 

Tibetan Mastiffs defend tents, herd cattle, & are faithful companions. 

However, Tibetan mastiffs are rarer & more expensive to domesticate, thus few families can afford them.Nowadays, few metropolitan families raise Mastiffs. Tibetan Mastiff is the perfect herder's companion.

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