These Dog Breeds Fit Home-Body Lifestyles

Dogs are laborious. They usually need daily walks, exercise, & responsibility. 

All dogs require exercise, but some are better couch potatoes.Lap dogs & hounds might fit your lifestyle. Some larger, "energetic" canines are lazy at home. 

Seniors & inactive pet owners should consider the following breeds. Basset Hounds always look drowsy due to their small legs & droopy cheeks. Lazy dogs at home. 

They stroll slowly with their owners. Most importantly, Basset Hounds like to befriend everyone. Larger family or many pets suit these social canines. They're peaceful and sensitive. 

Basset Hounds need little activity but weekly grooming. Make sure they don't overeat! Bernese Mountain Dogs are surprisingly low-energy. They are sweet and playful. Though quiet, Bernese Mountain Dogs don't like being indoors. 

They require outdoor room to run. Bernese Mountain Dogs will sit with you after they run around. It's easy to appreciate this dog because they're eager to please & train. 

Bernese Mountain Dogs require skilled owners due to their shedding.Havanese lapdogs are petite, fluffy, & ideal couch potatoes. Havaneses are quiet for toy breeds. 

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