Norwegian elkhounds are most prevalent dog breed

They may have Viking roots. Search & rescue teams use these tracking dogs. 

These small pups have won over 13 Westminster Kennel Club Bests in Show. They're smart, polite, & ready to learn. 

Male wire fox terriers are 15.5 inches tall & 18 pounds. Hunting English gentlemen created this breed. English setters are known for their friendliness, beautiful speckled coats, 25-inch height. 

The Brussels Griffon is not a Yorkshire terrier. The Brussels Griffon, famous from "As Good As It Gets," adores snuggling & cat-style climbing. 

Their whiskers help them find vermin. To avoid rats & other small creatures while hunting, their fur would mat together. 

Dutch Patriots Party dogs were Keeshonds in the 18th century. Today, they're noted for their "monocle" markings that make them resemble like glasses. 

Imperial China was serious about Pekingeses. Theft was a capital offence. While their past is intense, their experience in Chinese palaces made them lovely lap dogs. 

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Due to their gradual development, flat-coated retrievers make active pets. If you want a puppy-like dog, this may be it. Nova Scotia retrievers lured ducks for hunters in the 17th century. 

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