The Top Zodiac Signs Most Hated

Geminis are most dreaded

Gemini, symbolised by twins, is a fascinating sign with two extremes that give it a tumultuous personality. Geminis are unpredictable. Geminis are so unpredictable that people often tiptoe around them.

Virgo is overcritical

Virgo's coldness & superiority explain why they're the second most loathed sign. They seem to disapprove of everything.

Leo overcompensates.

Leos, like other fire signs, crave attention & would do anything to stay there. Leos are typically perceived as cruel & extremely competitive. Their confidence is often seen as phoney.


Aries' fiery personalities scare people. We hate their ferocity, confidence, & terrifying anger. Aries, one of the most angry zodiac signs, can explode like a volcano at any time, & no one wants to watch that.

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