The Simple Mayo Replacement for Flavorful Tuna Salad

A can of tuna is the perfect lunchtime answer. Healthline says it's cheap, protein-packed, & shelf-stable. 

Add-ins & tuna variants are unlimited. Tuna is great in a basic sandwich, a creamy toastie melt, or a Mediterranean pasta meal. 

Tuna salad is a deli classic. According to Smithosonian, tuna salad became famous due to its simple recipe & use of leftovers. 

Tuna salad conjures images of the blue & yellow mayonnaise jar. If you've ever opened your fridge after turning the can opener & found an empty mayo container, you can still have tuna salad. 

An easy, tasty, & healthful component in your produce bowl is ready to substitute. Your ripe avocado makes a great creamy mayo substitute. 

The creamy, delicious flesh of an avocado smashed into that can of tuna gives the popular diner salad a new twist & health advantages. Avocados have vitamins, minerals, & satiating good fats that may help you get through supper better than mayo. 

Mayo has a range of ingredients, including vinegars & salt to enhance flavour. As with Martha Stewart's basic homemade mayo recipe, season your tuna avocado salad well & add a touch of vinegar or lime or lemon.

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