The Most Anxious Dog Breeds: Is Yours?

Dogs make great housemates & welcome you home. Like humans, some dogs experience anxiety. 

Some breeds suffer more from separation anxiety. See which dog breeds have the most separation anxiety. Sorry, the dogs just keep becoming cuter. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels follow. This dog is a companion, like several others on this list. Separation anxiety is particularly common in companions. 

They pout when they can't occupy their time alone. First, the German Shepherd. Australian Shepherds are next. Due to their experience herding sheep on busy farms, these shepherds work hard. 

No problem! They enjoy getting their paws dirty because it's normal for them. However, poor care can change everything. They need love too. 

Aussies require excitement. It explains their boredom issues. This breed's truth isn't popular. When bored, these dogs grow extremely nervous. You must correctly raise them as a puppy, & even once they're grown, always have plans for when they're alone. 

Aren't toy poodles cute? Small, gentle dogs are terrific companions & don't need anything but additional care. These canines were developed for companionship. Thus, when their owners leave, they do poorly. They need interaction. 

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