The Best Grocery Store Cakes According to a Professional Baker

A party needs cake. If you're hosting a party, you'll need a cake. But don't bake the cake yourself. 

Although these homemade birthday cakes are pretty damned good. Your grocery store bakery has preset & personalised selections.

 Most grocery store cakes are frozen & assembled & frosted on-site, but not all are created equal. 

Others are overly sweet & lack flavour & mouthfeel. We kept it easy to select the best supermarket cakes. 

Vanilla cake & icing were the basis. Most supermarket stores carry vanilla round cakes in a bakery case or on a table. 

If they're out, they're easy to order for pickup. We called each store to order or confirm a cake's availability, then picked them up on the same day. 

Freshness aided taste tests. Cakes were rated on cake-to-frosting ratio, flavour, texture, flavour, & texture. Walmart gives a fantastic value for your buck when it comes to cake. 

Walmart lets you design, order, & pay for your cake online. This treat's convenience doesn't equal its flavour. 

Tall, fluffy cake layers with lovely, light icing. First bite reveals too sweet frosting & a cake with a peculiar aftertaste. 

Kroger has wonderful food & prices. Not for its cake, though. Kroger's cake had uneven, unbalanced layers. 

The light cake lacked taste. The frosting made the cake irresistible. The texture was great, but the flavour was odd, making it difficult to eat. 

We really wanted a Whole Foods cake. It was the priciest. The cake fell short of expectations. Expert assembling ensured equal layers & a good cake-to-frosting ratio. 

The rich cake was tasty. The icing melts in your tongue. Problem? The icing tasted like butter. 

Whole Foods buttercream is excessively buttery. This cake was the most unexpected because it's frozen, frosted, & assembled.

The cake's yellow hue was easily overlooked. It was light, fluffy, & had a great icing. The cake's frosting wasn't excessively sweet, making it a wonderful value.

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