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Fruit contains fructose & glucose. Most fruits are half glucose & half fructose, depending on type & size. 

Blood sugar—glucose—is the body's preferred energy source. Most carbs you ingest are converted into glucose & used for energy or stored as glycogen in muscle cells or the liver. 

Fruits & vegetables naturally contain fructose, like glucose. Since muscles & the brain prefer glucose, fructose has a distinct metabolic pathway. 

Fructose is more lipogenic than glucose & only processed in the liver. No, protein & fibre in fruit decrease the absorption of natural sugars. 

Natural sugar absorption slows blood sugar increases. Fruit sugars must be distinguished from refined sugars. White sugar is refined sucrose. 

Sugar cane & sugar beets generate sucrose, which is glucose & fructose. Why is sucrose dangerous if it resembles fruit sugars? Sucrose lacks nutritional benefit, unlike fructose & glucose in fruit. 

Our bodies store & utilise fruit sugars for energy. Vitamins, minerals, fibre, phytochemicals, & water in fruit contribute to this. Inflammation from eating too much refined sugar may lead to serious health issues. 

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