State-Specific Sandwiches

Americans improved the sandwich, which the English invented. Nationwide, restaurants provide everything from grilled cheese to slow-cooked jerked pork. 

Sandwiches differ by state: some can be eaten with your hands, while others are so big they need a fork & knife. 

We define a sandwich as anything between two slices of bread or halves of a roll (burgers and hot dogs are a different issue), & every state has something exciting to offer in that regard.

Alabama's white barbecue sauce & whole smoked chickens are famous in barbecue country. Big Bob Gibson's Bar-B-Q in Decatur is the ideal place to try this mayo-based dish.

Alabama-White Sauce BBQ Chicken Sandwich

It's no surprise that Alaskans know how to make their fish shine, especially salmon. The Saltry Restaurant in isolated Halibut Cove is known for its artistic, seasonal food & breathtaking vistas of mountains & glaciers. 

Alaska-Smoked Salmon Sandwich

A innovative device seals the sandwich's bread around its fillings, making ZOOKZ sandwiches unique. The #25, with thinly sliced ham, avocado, seasoned black beans, cheese, & house-made chipotle sauce, has Southwestern flair.

Arizona-Southwestern Panini

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