State-Specific Burritos

We can always agree on one thing. Burritos. Amazing. Plain bean & cheese brings back childhood memories, but there are plenty of fancier combinations to try. 

What's each state's greatest burrito? From Mexican taco trucks to Asian Tex-Mex fusion eateries, all 50 states have the greatest. 

This Birmingham cash-only taco truck is the best spot for Mexican food. Tacos, tortas, quesadillas, & amazing burritos are the specialty here. 

This may be the first time I've loved Birmingham food enough to rate it in the parking lot. I have plenty of time before a downtown meeting. Let's begin. Birmingham's best Mexican food is here. 

Undoubtedly. Non-competitive.” Bear Tooth Theatre Pub is not Mexican. It's an Alaskan favourite with dozens of great-reviewed burritos, a movie theatre, & a tavern. Steak chipotle or charred Alaskan salmon burrito? Take both. 

“Great tacos here! Both homemade & pre-made! Returns me every time.” Homemade tortillas enhance burrito flavour the most. Anita Street Market makes its carne asada burritos & tacos with fresh flour & masa tortillas. 

Since the tortillas are so fantastic, this taco business has more tortilla than filling. “Best place for fresh tortillas, burritos, empanadas, & more! Worth finding! Tucson's secret!" 

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