State-by-state sandwich rankings

Americans improved English ideas. Local restaurants serve sandwiches & jerked pork. 

State-to-state, sandwiches vary. Some foods require utensils. Each state has a distinctive sandwich burgers & hot dogs are another story. 

Each state's sandwich reflects its culinary heritage & regional idiosyncrasies. 

After choosing a state-representative dish, we searched for it on Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, & TripAdvisor. 

Alabama's specialty is smoked chicken with white barbecue sauce. Decatur's Big Bob Gibson's created this mayonnaise-based sauce. 

Three-hour-smoked birds are served on toasted baguettes with slaw. Birmingham has Northern Alabama's best sandwich. Alaskans love fish. 

Halibut Cove's Saltry Restaurant has mountain & glacier views. Lemon-aioli-smoked sockeye sandwich. Ferries are useless. 

ZOOKZ sandwiches enclose fillings in bread using cutting-edge technology. #25 contains ham, avocado, black beans, cheese our own chipotle sauce. People Southwestern has chicken, pepper jack cheese. 

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