State-Best Chicken Wings

On game day, juicy, saucy wings are a must-have at any pub. Flats and drums, smoked & deep-fried, Asian sticky sauce & Alabama white sauce—they can be served several ways. Hungry? 

Avoid improvising. Every state's best places to eat the humble, messy dinner. After eating at legendary American lunch eatery Yo' Mama's Restaurant, "Yo' Mama" becomes a compliment. 

It makes the crispiest hot wings with a savoury, sweet, & spicy sauce.

 French fries, toast, ranch sauce, or Belgian waffles, fruit, & syrup are options. The best wing spot in town is 907 Wingman. Buffalo, Sweet Barbecue, & Garlic Sriracha are among its many flavours. 

Since the kitchen doesn't oversauce, it's not overbearing. If you're particular, you can choose saucy or light. 

Valley Wings, a family-owned restaurant, serves delicate, bone-out wings. Wings are cooked to perfection & covered in delicious sauces including Honey Hot, which is sweet & spicy. 

Phoenix, Scottsdale, & Apache Junction outlets serve the dish. Foghorn's Wings boasts many TVs, cool beer, and the state's greatest wings, so everyone goes there for games. Traditional wings are big. 

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