Some secretes of cranberry sauces

When it becomes cold & the days shorten, flavours alter. Apples & squash are in every produce section & farmer's market across the country. 

There are so many pumpkin-spiced possibilities that it's hard to choose. 

But there's another Thanksgiving staple that's a must-have. 

Kroger has cheap cranberry sauce. At $1.99 a can, the grocery brand includes whole & jellied cranberry sauce. We're getting closer to a cranberry aroma, but it's not our favourite.


We adore Trader Joe's seasonal goods, so we were excited to try its cranberry sauce. Trader Joe's offers shelf-stable jellied sauce & fresh cranberry orange relish.


If you're already cooking Thanksgiving dinner, you don't need another dish. Store-bought can be heated in a pot or eaten straight from the package. 

We've tried numerous brands of cranberries so you can choose the best one for your table. Whole Foods' 365 brand goes beyond basic products at other stores to provide customers a high-quality option. 

Stonewall Kitchen sauces & relishes were our favourites. We were excited to try this sauce because of its gorgeous jar, handwritten label, & fall spices. 

Kitchen Stonewall

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