Sodium-Rated High Blood Pressure Foods

Salt Makes Our Favourite Dishes Taste Better, But Some Can Raise Blood Pressure. We've Ranked Them By Sodium Level. Why? 

Sodium, Which Is Added To Processed Foods To Extend Shelf Life, Can Improve Food Colour, Texture, & Germ Resistance. 

If Overeaten, It's One Of The Worst Foods. Salt Causes Heart Disease, Stroke, & High Blood Pressure. Dena Champion, A Registered Dietitian At The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Says High Salt Intake Is A Major Risk Factor For High Blood Pressure. 

"Thus, Watch Your Salt Intake. That's Hard In Today's Fast-Food & Convenience-Food Culture." Champion Adds, "Dietary Patterns, Not Single Meals Or Days, Are Significant. 

The Big Picture Matters. The American Heart Association Recommends Limiting Sodium To 2,300 Mg Per Day To Lower Blood Pressure. 

Remember That Setting Down The Salt Shaker Isn't Always Enough Because Many Foods Have Lots Of Sodium Even If They Don't Taste Salty." 

"Instead Of Solely Thinking About Things To Cut Out, Consider Adding Others. Potassium Can Significantly Reduce Blood Pressure. Beans, Seeds, Bananas, Oranges, Avocados, Peas, Broccoli, & Others Are High In Potassium. 

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Focusing On These Foods May Naturally Reduce Your Intake Of Processed Or High-Sodium Foods. A Better Diet May Also Include More Fibre, Vitamins, & Minerals."

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