Smartest dog breeds that love challenges

Most dogs are smart, but the smartest ones can learn new orders, routines, & duties. 

Although some breeds are smarter than others, all dogs are different, just like humans.

Some breeds are smarter at problem-solving or learning new phrases, while others are better at socialising. 

The friendly, lively Border Collie is smart & trainable. Border Collies are smart dogs, learning cues quickly & understanding daily routines. 

Border Collie

German Shepherds, the second most popular dog in the US, are smart, courageous, & confident. This breed is loyal & will die for their loved ones.

German Shepherds

Papillons, like the Corky, weigh 5-10lbs. Though little, the Papillion is one of the smartest dogs. The alert, joyful Pap learns new orders & routines quickly. They adore tricks & are great agility dogs.


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