Italy's white Bichon Bolognese governs Bolgna. Since the 13th century, Catherine the Great and Marilyn Monroe have owned this old species. These placid, low-energy dogs are ideal for elderly. Their alertness and wariness around strangers make them good little watchdogs. The Bologenese's white, fluffy coat doesn't shed but might tangle if not brushed. Large-toothed pet combs help.


Affenpinschers German meaning "monkey" are unusual pedigree canines. Although not a terrier, the breed was created in the 1600s to eliminate stable rats. Urbanites love these low-energy dogs. Guard dogs distrust strangers and unfamiliar places. Despite its longer coat, this little dog breed needs weekly brushing to avoid matting.

Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinschers are not Doberman Pinschers, despite their likeness. These little German dogs were first bred to kill rats over 700 years ago. Their straight fur comes in plain or two-toned black, rust, red, and chocolate. Athletic Shorties only require weekly brushing.


The tiny Chihuahua has a large heart. Miracle Millie, a Puerto Rican Chihuahua, holds the Guinness World Record for smallest dog by height. Florida Chihuahua "Heaven Sent Brandy" is the world's smallest dog. Sweaters keep Chihuahuas warm. Chihuahuas' high energy need frequent playtimes.


His German province names the energetic Pomeranian. Pom ancestors were 30 pounds and hairless. In North America, they flaunted their size and glossy fur. The northern Pom resembles other spitz breeds. Almond-shaped eyes, pointed ears, thick double coats, and energetic personalities. Brushing frequently is recommended for that thick coat.

Biewer Terrier

Beaver (pronounced "beaver") terriers are officially AKC-recognized breeds as of 2021. Their coats might grow on the ground, so brushing is necessary. Although they have terrier-like qualities, notably hunting tendencies, the faithful Beaver Terrier may usually be found in its pet parent's lap!


Think this tiny dog breed is your ideal lap dog? Reconsider! Papillons prefer fetch to couch-surfing. They dominate dog sports. Since the 16th century, French Papillons (also called as "Paps") have been shown in portraits. They were named for their butterfly-shaped ears. Papillons need frequent baths to avoid mats and shedding.


Maltese history is long despite their size! Maltese dogs may have protected Phoenician ships' food supply from rats. Maltese are gentle, affectionate, and trustworthy, and they want to cuddle with their owners.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire's first Yorkshire Terrier, Huddersfeld Ben, was born in 1865.According to Guinness World Records, a dwarf Yorkie was "little larger than a human fist" in the 1940s. He's the smallest dog ever!

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