Single Zodiac Signs

People avoid dating for many reasons, from enjoying solitude to defying society. 

Some zodiac signs love singlehood. Your astrological birth chart may reveal your wants & why you're one of the most single zodiac signs. 

Your birth chart goes beyond your big three. Your sun sign usually reflects your eccentricities & strengths, but it can also reveal your love life, including your preference for singlehood. 

Venus signs reveal passion & love languages. Venus in introverted Aquarius may make you prefer friendships over romance.

Mars placement can reveal your singleness preference. Mars rules aggression & instincts, thus how you act on your carnal desires will be shown here. 

If your second house of values & self-worth is in a zodiac sign that values self-preservation over romance, you probably prefer living alone. Love doesn't necessarily require a companion. 

Check out the zodiac signs most likely to be single. Virgo demands perfection. The practical earth sign is all about self-preservation, therefore they'll avoid relationships to protect their energies. 

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