Shetland Sheepdogs Are Smarter

Than Border Collies Despite Being Smaller. These Eager Dogs Win International Dog Shows In Obedience, Agility, & Herding. 

Their Wariness Of Strangers & Tendency To Bark Make Them Good Watchdogs. Due To Their Sensitivity & Discipline, They Make Great Family Pets. 

Weimaraners Were Black Forest Hunting Dogs From Germany. Smart & Fast Learners. "The Dog With The Human Brain" Describes The Breed's Intelligence. 

They Also Stand Out. Along With Intelligence, This Medium Breed Is Kind & Appealing. Since They Were Developed For Hunting, Weimaraners Are Good Household Dogs & Sometimes Tolerate Cats. 

Japanese Dogs Instinctively Guard Their Loved Ones. Though Their Black Eyes Appear Forgiving, These Dogs Are Wary Of Strangers. Once You've Proven Yourself As Family, These Dogs Will Warm Up. 

Akita Inus, Like Malamutes, Are Enormous, Heavy Balls Of Fluff That Will Save The Day. Papillons Are Curious, Athletic, & Little. Their Intellect & Desire To Please Their Humans Make Them Easy To Train. 

They Bond With Humans And Other Animals Since They Are Companion Dogs. They'll Learn Fast, But People Must Learn Not To Spoil Them.

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