Sandwich Shops in Every State

Everyone has a favourite sandwich restaurant where a basic meal satisfies desires. 

Getting an inexpensive sandwich that costs less than $20 (& generally under $10)? They claim deli classics like fried chicken sandwiches are priceless. 

We chose one sandwich in each state & D.C. based on our own experiences, local suggestions, & reviews. 

Montgomery Dreamland serves sandwiches under $11 with house-made ingredients. Its $9 classic barbecue sandwich is a Southern favourite. 

John "Big Daddy" Bishop opened the first Dreamland in Tuscaloosa in 1958; it now has 10 sites. Tommy's Burger Stop is noted for its award-winning Cajun-seasoned burgers & sandwiches. 

A $13.50 Chicken Philly with onions, peppers, & American cheese. Salads & fries are available. Phoenix This is a panini-croque monsieur hybrid. Zookz sells turkey, ham, & veggie grilled sandwiches for $10.80. 

Berdjoui, the owner's Libyan nana, brought a special sandwich iron from home that seals & grills sandwiches to perfection. Arkansas Jimmy's, in operation for 44 years, features a vast range of sandwiches. 

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