Relationship-Friendly Zodiac Signs 16–22 January 2023

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Mercury & Uranus direct this week, shifting energies. Lunar New Year follows the calendar. 

Refresh & celebrate a new moon cycle. The New Moon in Aquarius may complete a life theme. 

The August 11, 2022 Aquarius Full Moon was a cosmic series of numerology master numbers indicating fate, destiny, & soul creation. 

Accepting what's ending starts New Moons. Release a past relationship, healing level, or problematic belief for love. 

Mercury enters Capricorn & Uranus Taurus before this lunar event. Planets are direct all week, offering progress & determination. 

Mercury turning direct will help you think clearly & have healing conversations, while Uranus will let you make those adjustments. Jump when ready. Improved. 

Mercury, Uranus, & Aquarius New Moon coincide this week. Uranus controls Taurus romance since 2018. Changing. 

Uranus hinders romantic growth till it turns direct each year but always compensates. 

Uranus leads Taurus. Late in the week, it may continue. Mercury & Uranus turn direct on Capricorn & Taurus, respectively, brightening your discourse as the Aquarius Fresh Moon begins a new home life chapter. 

Observe your truths & surroundings. Breakthrough conversations may boost your love life this week. This stabilises your home. Cancer. Mercury straightens in Capricorn, resolving romantic difficulties. 

Mercury retrograde confuses love. Deeper interactions may make you & your spouse feel seen. Mercury misbehaves. This instantly links. However, proximity & transition energy may make it a notable week. 

Learning improves relationships. Sagittarius. Your relationship changed despite appearances. Mars straight in Gemini enhances relationships. Jupiter and Juno. Powerless. Weekly confidence rises. 

Mercury direct in Capricorn allows love. Retrograde taught you untruths. Uranus direct in Taurus enhances health. Information, communication, & health enable you express your priorities during the New Moon in Aquarius. 

Reconnect emotionally. Blessings. Jupiter and Juno in Aries—your amorous sign—set the scene. Jupiter provides money, Juno love & fidelity. Next month, planets align, increasing this area. Uranus controls Taurus. 

Great conversations can lead to marriage or cohabitation. Mercury direct in your home sector & Aquarius New Moon. 

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Lunar New Year in your marriage & joy sector change romance this week. Accept delay since one minute might change everything. Accelerating astrology.

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