Bella tops female dogs again. This diminutive of Isabella and Arabella was popular in the 18th century but slumbered until 2009. Its fame is due to Twilight's Bella Swan. The name means "lovely" and would suit an Italian Greyhound or any Italian dog. Bella is a great dog name.


We love Lucy, crazy redhead or Charlie Brown's foe. Lucy is one of the top 30 baby girl names in the UK, and it's been rising in the US, albeit it's more common for dogs. "Lucy" means "light" and was given to dawn-born girls. If your dog is your world, choose this name.


Daisy Bumstead sang a 1930s hit. It blends rose, violet, willow, and rowan. Daisy is a nickname for Margaret, which means Pearl, therefore it says your dog is a gorgeous flower and gem. Daisy Buchanan and Daisy Miller are novels. Daisy Driver. Daisy is Julia Roberts in Mystic Pizza. Fun dog name.


Molly is a Middle Ages diminutive of Mary. It's popular in Irish culture and would suit an Irish Setter or other Irish breeds. Revolutionary War hero Molly Pitcher. Little Richard's "Good Golly, Miss Molly" is a sweet name for a sweet puppy.


This fits a manipulative dog. In the human world, this is a hot up-and-coming name—several Hollywood newborns have it. Everyone has forgotten the name's origin, Dolores. Lola seems to work well with Boston Terriers and Dachshunds.


If you kind of want to call your dog Princess, you could call her Sadie, which is a short form of the name Sarah, which means Princess. This name, and the person it refers to, are more popular than ever. This sounds like a good name for a nice dog like a Labrador Retriever.


This Scottish variant of Margaret is a lovely name for your Scottish Deerhound. "Pearl" Maggie: A Girl of the Streets by Stephen Crane may work for a former stray. Or call your dog Margaret Thatcher. Her kennel name.


This dog name has declined in popularity since last year, but it's still a beauty. Sophia is Greek for "wisdom." It's the most popular human name in Scotland and the Netherlands, therefore it's perfect for a Dutch Shepherd or Scottish Terrier.


The name Chloe has skyrocketed across the English-speaking globe. It means "green branch" in Greek. The Greek agriculture goddess is similar. Perfect name for a farm dog!


Bailey is a gender-neutral name. Bailiff means "law enforcer" in English, making it a perfect name for a German Shepherd police dog. WKRP in Cincinnati's female character is responsible for the name's recent popularity.


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