Peaceful dogs you must know 

If you need a dog but don't want the barking, the quietest breeds are perfect. 

If you work from home or live in a tiny location, you may desire a quieter dog than one who barks a lot.

This devoted breed, known as the silent hunter, may be quiet when it comes to nuisance barking, but these natural guard dogs will sound the alarm if necessary.


The French Bulldog is playful, lively, & friendly, but he'll only bark when there's a visitor.

French Bulldog

Great Danes bark loudly—& so will your neighbours! but gentle giants have a reason. These noble & amiable dogs will bark to defend their territory, but they prefer to sit calmly with their family.


These adorable dogs love people & rarely bark. The Cavie is kind, graceful, & loyal to his owner.


While they may be loud breathers at times, Pugs are particularly silent when it comes to barking, producing the occasional yips when they become aroused. Cuddly and eccentric, this human-obsessed breed are absolute lethargic logs, so snoring is about the only sounds you’ll hear out of these little clowns.


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