Non-marinara pasta sauces

We adore classic tomato marinara sauce, but sometimes you want to liven things up—especially when you eat as much pasta as we do. Sometimes tomato sauce is used, sometimes not.

Need a jolt? Amatriciana sauce is named for the Italian town of Amatrice & contains red pepper, pork cheek, pecorino cheese, tomato, & olive oil. It doesn't include white wine.


Béchamel is a French flour, butter, & milk sauce. It's most often used on lasagna or moussaka, an eggplant lasagna. Mornay sauce is béchamel with cheese. We prefer Epicurious' white sauce.


Why not treat yourself to a black truffle pasta sauce? Jernej Kitchen's recipe calls for one truffle, olive oil, butter, garlic, & parmesan. Easy but not cheap!


Bolognese is a creamy meat sauce named for Bologna, Italy. The sauce's thickness complements tagliatelle, pappardelle, & fettuccine. Bon Appetit has the recipe.


Pureed butternut squash makes a tasty sauce that's not marinara. Food Network suggests serving it over gnocchi.


Carbonara sauce contains heavy cream, egg yolks, pancetta, garlic, cheese, & black pepper. The Pioneer Woman's dish includes bacon & peas.


Why not make mac & cheese with cheese sauce? This recipe from Cooked by Julie asks for cheddar, Muenster, Gruyère, & Pecorino.


Save clam juice for sauce. Oil, butter, garlic, heavy cream, & parmesan cheese are combined to make clam & linguine sauce.


Fra Diavolo looks like marinara sauce, but taste the difference. Red peper, onion, garlic, herbs, & wine flavour this sauce. It's famous for shrimp, which you can cook using this recipe.


It's like marinara with beef bits (or rabbit, duck, etc.) If you use elbow macaroni, it's American Chop Suey, sometimes called goulash. The Cozy Cook offers a good Chop Suey recipe.


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