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Some dogs are more goofy than others, either in their appearance or in the way they behave, but every dog has its own distinct personality. 

Some people are very slow to give in. Then there are the dogs who were bred to be performers & have no other motivation but to put on a show. 

Check out these 25 breeds of entertaining dogs if you are seeking for a hilarious, four-legged companion — aren't we all? 

And don't forget to include some in your search. Boxers are powerful dogs with square jaws that are recognised for being sociable & outgoing with families & other animals. 

They have an endless supply of energy & they adore engaging in interactive play with their owners. 

When they get enthusiastic, it's entertaining to see a dog of that size hop & leap because they are recognised for having a pleasant disposition & a sense of humour. 

Their general goofiness & boundless enthusiasm for life can't help but put a grin on anyone's face. "Frenchies" are cute, rambunctious dogs that move in unusual ways and adore performing for their owners. 

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