Nationally Needed Local Burger Chains

We Americans love our local burger establishments & think the rest of the country is losing out on their delectable quirks. 

The top regional burger chains, from smashed burgers to sliders & fancy, are here. Culver's has approximately 700 locations in 24 states since opening in Sauk City, Wisconsin, in 1984. 

Its Butterburgers—never-frozen local beef pulverised & seared & served on a well-buttered, toasted bun—go nicely with the chain's velvety, slow-churned frozen custard. 

Cheeseheads can't resist Wisconsin cheddar fried cheese curds. Its orange-&-white-striped packaging and A-frame roof distinguish this 67-year-old Texas classic from Virginia's What-A-Burger. 

The green chile double & avocado bacon burgers, patty melts on buttered Texas toast, & biscuits for breakfast make Whataburger stand out. 

Order a "full" burger & a malt or sweet tea. Since 1948, this California legend's throwback aesthetic has won fans. In-N-Out, known for its never-frozen, freshly prepared burgers, is now in Nevada, Utah, Texas, Arizona, & Oregon. 

The chain's insistence on freshness may limit its expansion. White Castle opened in Wichita, Kansas, in 1921, competing with A&W for first fast food restaurant. Its sliders, low prices, & castle-shaped structures won over customers. 

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