Musk Wants to Test Human Brain Implants

Elon Musk's Neuralink implant was shown by two monkeys operating computer cursors with their minds. 

In 2006, pre-YouTube, others tied patients to a computer to perform the feat. 

On Wednesday night, Mr. Musk showed little new about the device. He maintained that the implant may allow paralysed persons to control computers outside of a lab. 

Given the extent of effort worldwide, experts questioned if the demonstration represented significant progress with the gadget. 

After watching the presentation, University of Pennsylvania neurosurgeon & neuroscientist Daniel Yoshor observed, “These are incremental advances.” 

The gear is great but does not significantly improve brain function. He emphasised that Neuralink's engineering advances were more important than its results. The device is not FDA-approved. 

On Wednesday, Mr. Musk said the business has filed most of its documentation to the regulator for approval to implant its gadget in a human. 

He expected human test in six months, but the F.D.A. would decide after assessing surgical implantation risks. After one of his most turbulent months, Elon Musk postponed Neuralink's October event. 

He just finalised his off-again, on-again purchase of Twitter, which has dominated his attention & caused much controversy about social media management.

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