Most Loyal Dogs Breed

Some dogs are clingier than others. Velcro dogs are adorable all the time—except when you're using the bathroom. 

Overly loyal breeds are distinct. You may regret working all day or simply going to the mailbox. 

This will make your dog more clingy by buying them too many toys & goodies. We love them for that! Here are some velcro dog breeds. 

Never get up from the couch with Fido sleeping on you. Great Danes deserve their name. They're a huge, quiet dog. Great Danes are loyal companions. 

This breed is reliable no matter the day. Frenchies are popular since they're kind, loyal, & quiet. 

They're smart and lively, a loving companion with huge, mopey eyes who'll enjoy a stroll through the city park or a relaxing afternoon on the couch. 

We all want to come home to a cheerful, eager tiny creature running around our feet, begging for love. Cotons represent it. This breed follows its human buddies everywhere.

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