A Bulldog's grumpy expression isn't particularly cute, but an enthusiastic one is. The loose skin folds on the faces of these muscular dogs are very pleasing. They form strong bonds with their families and would much   rather be on top of you than with you.


Chihuahuas like to bite your ankles. They often have "tiny dog syndrome" and act bigger than they really are. But when they are with their family, these dogs have a different attitude. They are sweet and loving, and they want to be carried everywhere.


One of the most popular breeds in America, Pomeranians are alert and intelligent. They are easily trained and make terrific pets, despite their toy-like bodies. These dogs adore their owners and never want to be apart. When you see a purse dog, it's usually a Pomeranian.


Danes are gentle giants. Some of the world's largest dogs are also the sweetest. Great Danes don't understand their size since they're so affectionate. Instead, they're the world's biggest lap dogs, always attempting to fit in a little lap.

Great Dane

Collies are popular dogs. Their facial expressions and long, flowing coats scream intelligence. Part of why people appreciate these dogs is their intense loyalty to their owners. They're one of the most loyal breeds, and their close link with their owners shows in affectionate behaviour and loyalty.


Pugs are loved by many, even royalty. Chinese emperors admired these dogs, and they were the mascot of the Dutch royal House of Orange. Small but robust, Pugs have a lot of personality. These dogs always want to do what their owner does. Pugs love and give affection equally.


Golden Retrievers are famous because of their affectionate nature. Loyal and smart, they're easy to train. Golden Retrievers are fantastic with youngsters and calm, making them ideal assistance dogs.

Golden Retrievers

Boxers are a sleek, strong, athletic breed. They're America's 11th most popular breed for several reasons. Anyone who's owned a Boxer knows they're one of the most loving, affectionate breeds.


Their fluffy, curling white coats resemble lambs. They're noted for their charm and humour, making them great friends. Despite their sheep-like coats, they're hypoallergenic, increasing their attractiveness. These dogs are kind and affectionate with their owners.

Bichon Frise

Labrador Retrievers are popular in America, and Poodles are smart. Combine them for a hypoallergenic companion pet. They're popular because they're super-affectionate, always attempting to cuddle and never wanting to lay their head anywhere but your lap.


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